Christmas Lights Around Town

Christmas Lights Around Town

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas lights are going up on houses all around town, and what better way to spend an evening with family than visiting these houses!

Below is an (as much as possible) updated list of houses in the area that are worth seeing!  You can also check out Built Story, which is an app that routes you through the best lights display in your area!

If you’d like to add a home to the list, please send me a message through the form on the right. Bitmoji Image

Enjoy the lights, and Merry Christmas!!

Oviedo, Winter Springs, and Chuluota Loop:

Bitmoji Image680 Neile Court, Oviedo, FL 32765 – Dancing light show with music each evening from 6pm – 8pm Sunday – Thursday, and 6pm – 10pm Friday & Saturday! You can write a letter to Santa and put it in the Christmas mailbox. Make sure to include your address so Santa can write back! All donations go to The Nazarene Fund.  A few days after Christmas, the display is scaled down and New Year’s music plays!

1055 Brielle Avenue, Oviedo

1012 Beckstrom Drive, Oviedo

1010 Beckstrom Drive, Oviedo

1039 Gore Drive, Oviedo

1003 McKinnon Drive, Oviedo

1046 McKinnon Drive , Oviedo

726 S Lake Claire Circle, Oviedo

winter holiday tinsel and lights749 S Lake Claire Circle, Oviedo

1009 Cutoff Branch Court, Oviedo

94 E. Magnolia Street, Oviedo

5686 Magnolia Bloom Terrace, Oviedo

290 Crystal Circle, Oviedo

517 Oak Street, Oviedo (tune to 90.1FM for music)

2816 Ashton Terrace, Oviedo

1020 Lantania Place Oviedo

2754 Running Springs Loop, Oviedo

805 Wellington Avenue, Oviedo

1018 Corbin Court, Oviedo

reindeer costumeHorseman Drive in Kingsbridge East

If you’d like to travel outside of Oviedo, here are a couple other good ones to see (in no particular order):

683 N Endeavour Drive, Winter Springs – Dancing light show from 5pm – 9pm

1601 North Wind Court, Winter Springs

1601 N Wind Court, Winter Springs

1209 Wolverine Trail, Winter Springs

1212 Andes Drive, Winter Springs

864 Chokecherry Drive, Winter Springs

681 Oswego Court, Winter Springs

274 Clearview Road, Chuluota

1200 Enderby Court, Chuluota

1164 Groveland Drive, Chuluota

407 Eagle Circle, Casselberry

7849 Georgeann Street, Winter Park

7324 Blue Jacket Place West, Winter Park

3681 Oak Vista Lane, Winter Park

13 Bayberry Branch, Casselberry

518 Dew Drop Cove Court, Casselberry

387 Brittany Circle, Casselberry

780 Diane Circle, Casselberry

239 Lake Ellen Drive, Casselberry

337 Kimi Court, Casselberry

11 Winding Ridge Road, Casselberry

Finally, if you’re looking to have someone install your Christmas lights and/or decorations this year, check out Holidays Done Bright!

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